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Welcome to Gia Nghi Agriculture

What fruits and Vegetables

  • Mô tả “This means being able to meet nutritional requirements as well as being able to enjoy different tastes, textures, colours and aromas. “
  • About us

  • Mô tả “We have assembled the best team whose members will gladly share their healthy lifestyle and experiences with you.“
  • Best quality products

  • Mô tả “We eliminated any possible pollution in our soils in order to deliver the purest produce to our customers."
  • Healthy food

  • Mô tả A set combine of Organic Food and Natural Farm to Healthy Food which lightly deliver a best quality products.
  • Natuaral farm

  • Mô tả Reduced need for chemical inputs, Drought resilience, Increased biodiversity and Reduced environmental impact are our targets.
  • feasible products

  • Mô tả The real difference between organic foods and their traditionally grown counterparts when it comes to nutrition, safety and price.
  • Support

  • Mô tả Gianghi-agriculture aims to develop, on a pilot basis, organizational structures for producers that represent their needs and interests; and improve the institutional capacity and quality of agricultural services delivered by public and private institutions and producer organizations; and improve the flow of information for all stakeholders.
  • Source

  • Mô tả Gianghi-agriculture is committed to offering only the very best in the category; products that we believe in and that we take ourselves. With backing from some prominent members of the local sustainable food scene and an emphasis on transparency during every step of the process, customers can be assured of the production methods and quality of their produce
  • Trading

  • Mô tả Gianghi-agriculture knows what it takes to create a high quality agricultural products experience, and we’d love to share our knowledge & expertise with you. Our experienced export management team has a great depth of knowledge of overseas markets in Asia, Europe, The Middle East and North America giving us a good understanding of buyers requirements in those markets.

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    Gianghi Agriculture

    Address : No. 86/6 Trinh Dinh Trong, Phu Trung Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
    Hotline : (+84) 937 257 836
    Email :

    Our Company’s Story

    GiaNghi Agriculture is a specialist in the import & export of Tropical fruits from around the world.

    We promise to bring the best quality to around the world from Vietnam Agriculture. Moreover, with Our company mission, we’re delivering the best service, product to individual customer

    Our markets include the distributing Tropical fruits ‘to China, South East Asia, Pacific Islands, USA, India, Germany, UK, Spain, Chile, Brazil,… Our fruits include Coconut product, Coffee, Raisin, dragon Fruit, cashew, passion fruit and many other exotic fruits that are seasonal and exclusive to certain regions of the world.

    Now, We are international distributor and make simple to our business clients